New Beach House on Saint Simon's Island, GA

New Beach House

Saint Simon's Island, GA

Upper East Side Duplex in New York, NY

Upper East Side Duplex

New York, NY

North Shore Shingle Style on Long Island, NY

North Shore Shingle Style

Long Island, NY

Farmhouse Renovation on Long Island, NY

Farmhouse Renovation

Long Island, NY

Carriage House Renovation on Long Island, NY

Carriage House Renovation

Long Island, NY

Country House in Bedford, NY

Country House

Bedford, NY

Architectural Details


New Carriage House in Portland, OR

New Carriage House

Portland, OR

Work in Progress

Work in Progress

About Us

Moran Hook Architecture is a practice of classically trained architects and designers based in New York. We were founded in 2005, by the husband and wife team of Erin & Tim Hook. Erin, from Louisville, Kentucky, and Tim, from a small town near London in the UK, met in Rome while they were both studying architecture at the University of Notre Dame. After working in London and Seattle they settled in New York in 2001.

As architects, we find great pleasure in formulating intelligent, creative, and enduring design solutions that meet our clients’ individual needs. We feel that a project's utility, beauty, and integrity are realized through intimately understanding its site and landscape, discerning the project's appropriate character, and artfully integrating all of its details to bring a sense of ease and timelessness.

We strive to continue the traditions of architecture in today's world by rooting our work in the knowledge of the past while designing places that speak to the tastes and lifestyles of modern living.


New Parish Church

New Parish Church

College Chapel Renovation

College Chapel Renovation

Catholic Student Center

Catholic Student Center